The Film

The documentary Adios Amor – The Search for Maria Moreno is a sister project of It tells the story of a migrant mother who became the spokesperson for a multi-ethnic farm labor movement, but was silenced and nearly forgotten. Like Maria Moreno, working class Latinas in the U.S. do backbreaking work but rarely have a voice. Reviving Maria’s legacy underscores the message that we stand on the shoulders of a long line of Latina activists and that our stories are a part of history. Adios Amor inspires us to launch our own journeys to recover and share these unknown stories.

A Message from the filmmaker

The seed for Adios Amor was planted years ago when I was lead researcher for the PBS special, The Fight in the Fields-Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers’ Struggle. Searching for pictures of Cesar Chavez, I came across hundreds of photographs of a charismatic organizer, Maria Moreno. Why hadn’t I ever heard of her? After working on and in one case directing documentaries about illustrious men, I returned to the compelling photographs and their mysterious protagonist. So began an exciting journey whose missing clues and dramatic twists reveal a hidden story about a migrant mother who sacrificed everything but her 12 kids in the struggle for justice. Today, Maria’s restless spirit hovers over the unfinished work of improving the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable workers.

Laurie Coyle

Adios Amor has received generous support from our partners and will be released in 2015.

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